Special Offer

No one to date has solved the mystery before the final page

If you would like the chance to read Twisted Perception for $2.99 on Kindle, please follow the link below:


If you do not have a Kindle, a free Kindle app can be downloaded from Amazon for your pc, iPhone, smart phone, iPad, and possibly even your lawnmower. Just kidding about the lawnmower… I think. Anyway, my publisher, AWOC Books, has included Twisted Perception in a special promotional campaign to spread the word about their wonderful books.

Twisted Perception, which is the first book in the Detective Elliot series, has picked up some great reviews, including a four star review from the Tulsa World, one of Oklahoma’s largest newspapers.

Please take this opportunity to read a fast-paced mystery that no one to date has been able to solve before the final page.

– Bob Avey, author of the Detective Elliot series