Special Offer

Beneath a Buried House, the second book in the Detective Elliot series.


If you do not have a Kindle, a free Kindle app can be downloaded from Amazon for your pc, iPhone, smart phone, iPad, and possibly even your lawnmower. Just kidding about the lawnmower… I think. Anyway, my publisher, AWOC Books, has included Beneath a Buried House in a special promotional campaign to spread the word about their wonderful books.

Beneath a Buried House, which is the second book in the Detective Elliot series, has picked up some great reviews, including reviews in USA Today, and The Daily Oklahoman, one of Oklahoma’s largest newspapers.

Please take this opportunity to read the second book in the Detective Elliot series, a fast-paced mystery that explores the intricacies of human nature. Both books, Twisted Perception and Beneath a Buried House are also available in paperback.

– Bob Avey, author of the Detective Elliot series