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Those of you, who follow me on Facebook, know about my recent steam-releasing associated with automobile repair expenditures. In truth, there is a lot more to it than cars. If you can visualize magma buildup in a volcano, that might get you closer to the situation.

However, with impeccable timing, a few days after my little red, money pit blew a timing belt my copy of Asbury Tidings came in the mail. As usual, I found comfort within the pages. But there was one article in particular that lifted my spirits. John C. Westervelt, an 82 year old member of Asbury, had been going through his filing cabinets when he ran across a letter from his mother. It was dated February 18, 1951 and was addressed to John C. Westervelt USN, USS Henry W Tucker. John decided to write an article about it for the Tidings magazine. I won’t reproduce the entire article, but John had written his mother expressing his concerns over the war – The Korean War – and his apprehensions as to what might happen. I hope you find her response -- again related only in part -- as uplifting as I did.

“Always try to remember it isn’t our circumstances in life, but how we meet them that counts. We can find good in life always if we look for it. Keep looking and keep your head above water. God is still in heaven and all is right with the world.”

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Even more bizarre:

In the Bolivian Andes, the ruins of Puma Punko, one of four structures in the ancient city of Tiahuanco, possibly the oldest ruins on earth, offer an unsolved mystery.

On the nearby rock cliffs, calcareous deposits form long, straight lines, indicating the existence of water while fossilized seashells and oceanic flora litter the grounds of the surrounding area. The evidence seems to indicate that Puma Punko served as an ancient seaport large enough to accommodate hundreds of ships. In addition, marine life, typically found only in oceanic environments, still swim the salty waters of Lake Titicaca located approximately 12 miles from Tiahuanco.

Why is this mysterious? Both Tiahuanco and Lake Titicaca occupy an area over two miles above sea level.

Geologists and archeologists speculate that a cataclysmic upheaval brought the area to its present location, though they cannot agree on when this happened. Archeologists date the city to around 200 A.D. However, some geologists estimate that the upheaval took place much earlier. We have to keep in mind the two vastly different factions looking at this. Mainstream archeologists believe that America was populated 12,000 to 15,000 years ago and their interpretations are going to be influenced by this. Geologists, on the other hand, look only at the earth itself.

Clues to the actual age of the site can be found one quarter mile northeast of the port area, where the Acapana Pyramid, the Kalasasaya Platform and the Subterranean Temple form a ceremonial center. Carvings on The Gateway of the Sun, a monolithic structure made from a ten ton block of granite, depict images of Cuvieronius, an elephant-like creature, and toxodons, both of which disappeared during the Pleistocene era. This and the astronomical alignment of the structures, made of precisely cut granite blocks weighing 150 tons apiece, indicate the site is at least 17,000 years old.

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