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Reopening of the South Fork Bridge after flood in November 1940. This is the description for the photograph shown at the Virtual Bralorne Pioneer Museum from British Columbia, Canada. Do you see anything, which looks out of place?

Knowing that I have a propensity for the unusual, a friend sent me this photo. I must admit to being intrigued enough to Google the snapshot. The man, who sports an up-to-date hairstyle, appears to be wearing modern sunglasses and clothing. Is the photo evidence of time travel? Some seem to think so.

Upon closer examination, however, there’s simply nothing in the photograph that cannot be explained. While the hairdo looks recent, the styling wasn’t unheard of during the era. I believe James Cagney wore his hair like that. The sunglasses look like Ray-bans, but according to Internet sources, similar shades were available in the 1940’s.

The general consensus is that the photograph is genuine, not a hoax, and that the enigmatic gentleman is definitely out of place. He is not, however, out of time. On the other hand, back to the future, he probably is, but not back then.

On second thought, the girl to the man’s right does seem to be fascinated by his camera, or whatever is it, which some claim to be nothing more than a readily available Kodak folding pocket model.

Have my newsletters taken a turn, departing from humorous dissertations of author-like exploits to explore the unusual? Probably not, but maybe…

Will my interest for that which crawls along the perimeters of generally accepted belief influence my writing? Twisted and Buried as they were, the first two books would not have happened otherwise. Let the edge be further sharpened.

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