Twisted Perception begins with the murder of Lagayle Zimmerman. Tulsa Police Detective, Kenny Elliott is put in charge of the case. But when he gets to the crime scene it is almost too much for him as it blends with his nightmares. Lagayle Zimmerman is found dead in her car with her necklace hanging from the rear view mirror. When Kenny was a teenager in Porter, Oklahoma, his best friend Johnnie and his girlfriend were found dead in Johnnie's car with Kenny's class ring on a chain hanging from the rear view mirror.
Kenny was the only suspect in their deaths as they had a huge fight that night in front of a crowd and Kenny was also known for getting in trouble and having a temper. However, their deaths were ruled a murder suicide so Kenny was never charged and urged to leave town by the sheriff who liked him and his football coach. But now Kenny must go back to Porter to uncover old secrets to try to solve the murders occurring in Tulsa as the body count continues to rise and Kenny is looking more and more guilty.

This was a wonderful book full of twists and turns and lots of surprises. Bob Avey did a wonderful job with his character Kenny Elliott. I would highly recommend this book as it was quite the page turner.—G. Metz