Beneath a Buried House is by far Bob Avey's best work. Although Twisted Perception tied me in knots trying to figure out who did what to whom, Beneath a Buried House twisted me like a pretzel and just wouldn't let go. This mystery takes place right here in Tulsa, my home town, so I've driven the same streets and visited the same places as the killer and Kenny Elliot. And just when I thought I knew the answer to that ever elusive question, 'Who done it?', Avey turns another corner and away we go again, page after page, chapter after chapter on an unforgetable journey into the heart of a killer and the mind of a man trying to solve a murder.

Go ahead Bob, keep me awake at night! Don't let me rest! You know I'm old and need my beauty sleep, but with books like this that scream "READ ME!" how can I rest?

Buy this book in paperback, kindle, or nook. You'll like it. You won't sleep, but you'll like it...

Jim Laughter, Author, The Apostle Murders