Beneath a Buried House is by far Bob Avey's best work. Although Twisted Perception tied me in knots trying to figure out who did what to whom, Beneath a Buried House twisted me like a pretzel and just wouldn't let go. This mystery takes place right here in Tulsa, my home town, so I've driven the same streets and visited the same places as the killer and Kenny Elliot. And just when I thought I knew the answer to that ever elusive question, 'Who done it?', Avey turns another corner and away we go again, page after page, chapter after chapter on an unforgetable journey into the heart of a killer and the mind of a man trying to solve a murder.

Go ahead Bob, keep me awake at night! Don't let me rest! You know I'm old and need my beauty sleep, but with books like this that scream "READ ME!" how can I rest?

Buy this book in paperback, kindle, or nook. You'll like it. You won't sleep, but you'll like it...

Jim Laughter, Author, The Apostle Murders

Anyone who loves a good detective story with plenty twists and turns needs to get a copy of Twisted Perception. Bob Avey grips you from the start. Main man Detective Kenny Elliot is called in to investigate the brutal murder of an upper-crust woman. (all isn't as it seems) Gut instincts lead him on a journey back in time that he isn't comfortable with for a number of reason (have to read it to find out!) More murders come and deepen the investigation that Elliot can't seem to leave to another. Not only is this story a great murder/mystery it is also one that will broaden your mind and open you up to Twisted Perception...... —Annie Frame. Author of Imprint and TQR.

I enjoyed reading this book, wanted to see what would happen next so it kept the pages turning. Because of this first book the second one was ordered.—T. Shook

Twisted is right. Twisted perceptions, twisted plots and twisted people abound in this novel. Avey kept me guessing until the end with one final megaTwist. When's the next one going to be released?—S. Whitfield.

Tulsa Detective Kenny Elliot has a new case to solve. It involves the death of a transient. Who at first it seems died of a drug overdose but upon further research Detective Elliot finds there is more than meets the eye. The more Elliot digs in and gets his hands dirty the deeper he realizes he could be in over his head, especially when things start happening to him like finding a pentagram craved on the hood of his car or receiving a threatening message in his email. Plus there are other forces taking place around Elliot in the form of a cult. But on the flip side Elliot does discover the identity of the transient. His name is Jim Llewellyn and he was writing a story on the mysterious disappearance of the Stone family. A husband, wife and two children from Donegal, Oklahoma. So who is this family Jim was writing about and what do they have to hide? Also, Elliot has been seeing a gal named Cyndi, Bannister, a waitress at a diner. The problem is the closer Elliot gets to Cyndi he finds she has some skeletons in her closet. But are they her's or someone else's?

I like a good detective, mystery story. So when I saw the chance to read Bob Avey's new book Beneath a Buried House I jumped on it. I liked the main character Detective Elliot. I found him to be a pretty decent stand up kind of guy, who would help anyone but also had a level head on his shoulders. Elliot also knew just how to solve a case. The storyline was a good one as well as I found myself wanting to keep reading this book. The ending was a surprise to me, which is always a good thing when this happens. Beneath a Buried House is the first book I have read by Mr. Avey. I look forward to reading more books by this author.—Cheryl Koch

Bob Avey's prequel, Beneath a Buried House, is another page-turner. Just when you think you have the mystery figured out, Det. Elliot takes you for another spin. Great book to relax with by the pool, on the beach, late at night in a dark house with only a bedside lamp burning... —Gloria Teague

Bob Avey hits the ground running with his solo debut into the mystery-suspense genre. Twisted Perception is filled with brilliantly written characters that are as believable as they are entertaining.

Kenny Elliot had a tumultuous childhood, growing up in the small town of Porter, Oklahoma. Never knowing his father and with little guidance from his troubled mother, Kenny found a friend and mentor in Sheriff Charlie Johnson. When the mutilated bodies of his friends, Johnnie Boy and Marcia Barnes are found, in a car, with Kenny's class ring swinging on a necklace from the rear-view mirror, suspicion and town gossip pointed to the hot tempered teen. The case was officially closed when the deaths were classified a murder-suicide. However, doubts persisted within the community about Kenny's involvement. Unable to shake the suspicions and unsure of the findings himself, he took Sheriff Johnson's advice and left town, with no intentions of ever returning.

The story begins with the murder of Lagayle Zimmerman, she is found in her vehicle with a shiny necklace hanging from the rearview mirror. Kenny Elliot is a detective in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is on the investigation of the murder of Lagayle. Kenny remembers a time back in Porter where a similar necklace hung from the mirror, where the bodies of his friends were found. He also remembers being a suspect in their murders, but the murders were ruled as murder/suicide, however, Kenny never believed this to be true. The reason Kenny was suspect in their murders is the night before the murders there had been an altercation between he and his friends, and Kenny was known to have a temper. Now with this new murder of Lagayle, Kenny is faced with the past and to finding the answers in order to find the true killer of this murder as well as his friends murders from years ago.

Twisted Perception begins with the murder of Lagayle Zimmerman. Tulsa Police Detective, Kenny Elliott is put in charge of the case. But when he gets to the crime scene it is almost too much for him as it blends with his nightmares. Lagayle Zimmerman is found dead in her car with her necklace hanging from the rear view mirror. When Kenny was a teenager in Porter, Oklahoma, his best friend Johnnie and his girlfriend were found dead in Johnnie's car with Kenny's class ring on a chain hanging from the rear view mirror.

Solving the case in Bob Avey's Twisted Perception depends on Police Detective Kenny Elliot paying attention to details. Elliot is on the case of present day murders in Porter Oklahoma, however the similarity to other killings cause Kenny to examine his own past. Eventually, he has to return to his home town after years of absence and confront emotions, memories and the people connected with them. He not only finds clues to the identity of the present day killer, but he discovers that both his and the town's residents perceptions of events in the past have been twisted by situation and time. Elliot becomes a suspect himself as he pursues a killer who appears to have taken a page right out of his own past.

Beneath a Buried House is a read you will not put down, in fact it's one that will keep you turning page after page until the end. Bob Avery hooks you from the start with characters that can only grow in your mind, he wastes no time in weaving a tale of murder mystery and suspense. Main man Elliot is determined to crack a case even though it looks impossible to others. His gut instincts serve him well as he finds himself up against some strange folk in weird situations. Can't spoil it for anyone out there, and can only advise them to grab a copy, stick their nose in it and get lost in the read. —Annie Frame. Author of Imprint and TQR.

Who doesn't love a well-written detective story? This book starts with the icons: the socially-challenged but instinctive cop, his gruff captain, his out-of-his-league girlfriend, and the office sludge they call coffee. From there Avey spins an ever-thickening tale of murder and mayhem. There are plenty of twists and turns, misdirection and dead-ends. Thankfully Avey does not resort to a deus ex machina where all the bad guys turn out to be aliens or vampires. There is a real criminal mastermind who floors everybody at the end. This reader guessed who it was. Can you?—Samuel L. Clemens

Twisted Perception is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting, suspenseful, compelling, engaging, intriguing books I've read in a long, long time. I know that's a whole lot of adjectives, but this book really needs that many descriptives!

I adore a good suspense story, and boy oh boy, did I get my socks knocked off with this one. It hooked me from the very first page and held me in its grips through the very last sentence. The storyline is fascinating and believable, the dialogue is realistic, the characters are all name it, Twisted Perception has it all.

Beneath A Buried House is the second book featuring the Detective Elliot series. Bob Avey has penned another wonderful read which contains many twist and turns to keep the reader on the edge of their seat. His characters are well-developed and believable.

Beneath A Buried House has many characters who play very specific roles in the book; the author tells the story from several view points. Bob Avey has written another page-turner and you will find it difficult to put it down as this one demands to be finished. I would give this one 4 stars.Terry South "Quality Book Reviews"

Beneath a Buried House plunges Detective Kenny Elliot into the deadly world of the occult. Bravo to Bob Avey for delivering a mystery bursting with creepy villains and chilling twists--I'll be looking over my shoulder for weeks.—S. Lohrer